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New Associate joins Varoom January 2015

Rodger Sykes signs as new Varoom Associate. Rodger brings a wide range of high tech business experience at senior level to Varoom and will be delivering lectures on the University of Bristol Enterprise courses.

Bath Spa - Student start up conference

Varoom delivered a lecture on the anatomy of a business plan to students attending a conference on start-ups.

About Varoom

Welcome to Varoom – specialists in Business Acceleration & Technology Marketing. We have over two decades of experience in high-technology markets and skills across the board in defining, marketing and implementing product solutions.

Professional skills include:

  • Marketing on a world wide basis
  • Business management
  • Strategy development
  • Technology communications
  • International Negotiations
  • Professional selling
  • Presentation skills
  • Leadership coaching
  • Entrepreneur Mentoring
  • Intellectual property strategies

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