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New Associate

Melissa Kidd of Coaching Creatives has joined Varoom as an associate. Melissa helps professionals become more effective communicators and with reluctant networkers helping them become more confident and effective.

Digital Bristol workshop day

Delivered a workshop on Elevator pitching to attendees at the Digital Bristol day, 4November, Colston Hall, Bristol.

About Varoom

Welcome to Varoom – specialists in Business Acceleration & Technology Marketing. We have over two decades of experience in high-technology markets and skills across the board in defining, marketing and implementing product solutions.

Professional skills include:

  • Marketing on a world wide basis
  • Business management
  • Strategy development
  • Technology communications
  • International Negotiations
  • Professional selling
  • Presentation skills
  • Leadership coaching
  • Entrepreneur Mentoring
  • Intellectual property strategies

Varoom Blog

Back from your future
Most early stage companies manage their business looking forward perhaps a year sometimes longer. This can sometimes cause an effect I call “Horizon planning” that is only working towards the business level you can safely see in the future. If you just aim for the business level can safely see you will only ever reach […]